Italian food box

Choose the right box for you (Normal or Maxi) either as a single box or via a subscription with a discount of from 5% to 10%.

Please note that shipping is always included!

Can we choose the contents of the box?
The contents of the box will be a surprise (except of course for our combinable boxes). We will make a targeted selection just for you, taking into account the seasonal availability of the various products and the typical specialities of regional traditions linked to certain times of the year and which are directly suggested to us by our suppliers, without prejudice to the fact that we will always pay great attention to your personal requests as well as any indications of "allergies" or "intolerances".

Supporting small producers
Taste is important, but it's not everything! In fact, by purchasing on Acquolina you will be supporting a supply chain made up of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Italian food and wine sector, often family-run, which for years have been handing down a completely artisanal production method that guarantees the genuineness of the products and their recognisability.

A quarterly (5% discount) or six-monthly (10% discount) subscription allows you not only to benefit from considerable financial savings, but also to enjoy the excitement of a box containing surprise contents every month. Remember that you can make specific requests by sending us an email to


Single Purchase
89.95 €
Subscription 3 Months RECEIVE A 5% DISCOUNT
85.45 € per month
Subscription 6 Months RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT
80.95 € per month

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