The Acquolina project was born in the summer of 2020 after the lockdown. The driving force was undoubtedly a passion for food and the idea of marketing several specific Made in Italy products, both domestically and abroad.

Our research was a long and complicated process because, in addition to product quality, we were also looking for artisanal production methods that had a minimal impact on the surrounding environment and that could finally combine profit and eco-sustainability. We contacted numerous local producers, small businesses in the various regions of Italy, for the purpose of composing our boxes.

The products in our catalogue, all of which are niche products, are not easy to find outside certain regions of Italy and certainly do not reach foreign countries. Worth mentioning for example, are the products preserved in olive oil from Borgo La Rocca as well as their tomato sauce, which has also received the Gambero Rosso award. The high-quality and unique pasta that arrives from the Manuela Gnerre farm in the Campania region, also comes to mind. In addition, we have formed a partnership with a non-profit organisation called Semi di Vita, which looks after urban vegetable gardens, even involving ex-prisoners. Everything is genuine, hand-made, or hand-grown


For us, this is not just a business project, but a specific idea which we strongly believe in. The aim is that of combining a love of good food with love for the environment and health.

We could have adhered to a more general idea and offered the usual industrial products and probably had fewer problems, but due to both being mothers before being businesswomen, we were able to broaden our vision and not relegate it to a mere commercial operation, but rather, enrich it with substance, with a wealth of awareness and values thanks to which we can look towards the future with confidence.

We could have done something else, but we would have gone against what our idea of good food is, it would have meant giving up our mission to propose a valid alternative to large-scale distribution rand which is instead represented by our support of small regional independent producers.

Elvira and Miriam


1. Choose your box

2. We deliver it throughout Europe

3. Enjoy real Italian food

How it works

There are currently several types of boxes, one of which is gluten-free. You can buy the single box for 59.95 euro or 89.95 euro, otherwise you can subscribe for several months and enjoy discounts because every 30 days the contents change making them surprise boxes. We also have combinable boxes.

How much food is in a box?

The boxes come in two different sizes (Small and Big), ranging from 6-8 products for the small to 9-12 products for the big, but there are gadgets and samples inside as well. The assortment depends on the availability of certain products, which is linked to seasonality, and the average cost of each individual product. There is a wide variety of foods: from spreads to cured meats, from cheeses to olive oil, from pasta to desserts, as well as snacks and jams.

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