We bring real typical Italian food to your home, order online, receive comfortably at home

Acquolina has been created to enhance typical Italian food and bring it to your home, all over Europe, with an online shop and free international shipping dedicated to all Italians abroad and to those tourists who love Italian cuisine.

Do you miss the regional excellence you enjoyed at the table as a child?
What would you give to taste again those dishes handed down from generation to generation, each with its own special events? Easter, Christmas and then autumn or winter masterpieces, summer, spring, vegetarian or game recipes. Typical foods of your childhood, which have accompanied you all your life.


Armed with a knife, fork and spoon, we will take you with us on an authentic gastronomic and sensorial journey, where you will rediscover the taste of your land, feeling at home again, just like when you helped your grandmother to prepare fresh pasta as a child, or your mother to make a cake. Not to mention how, on Sundays, you used to cook together, also with your father, amid laughter, smiles and an authentic collection of appetizers, first courses, main courses, side dishes and desserts.
And not only that, with Acquolina you will get to know DOC, DOP and IGP gourmet foods, the authentic and surprising food products par excellence.


Choose your box from among the Italian food boxes of Acquolina and you will receive an elegant basket of typical Italian food at home. Through our e-commerce you can choose whether to buy just one box or to subscribe and experience the emotion of discovery every month, as a ritual to be cultivated in the family.
Give a food box as a gift and surprise a friend or relative of yours who has been working for years in England, France, Germany, Spain or elsewhere in Europe.

Extra-virgin olive oil, Genoese pesto, traditional sauces, homemade biscuits, homemade pasta, truffles, honey, balsamic vinegar, jams and preserves... enjoy the luxury of the truest and most authentic flavours even outside Italy, rediscover the taste of cooking with love for those you love. Buy Italian at Italian prices online and enjoy the best Italian food purchased online.
Acquolina, Delicious Italian Food Box.


1. Choose your box


2. We deliver it throughout Europe


3. Enjoy real Italian food

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