The photos are just to give an idea, each box will be different and a complete surprise.

SMALL BOX - Single Purchase

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You have chosen the SMALL BOX version, with from 6 to 8 products that can be selected, as always, according to availability and the average cost of each individual product.

What products are in the box?
A selection of pistachios, almonds, extra virgin olive oil, tuna, Genoese pesto, high quality artisan pasta, biscuits, cheeses, balsamic vinegar, regional sauces, typical delicacies and much, much more.

Why select these products?
The selection takes into account the fact that you will be receiving various Italian specialities linked also to seasonality. They are all foods that exalt small independent productions, companies discovered one by one in their places of origin. We are talking about some of the best-ever Italian artisan products.

Supporting small producers
Taste is important, but it's not everything! By purchasing on Acquolina you will be supporting a supply chain made up of small and medium-sized Italian food and wine companies, often family-run, people who have been handing down for years an entirely artisanal eco-sustainable production method that guarantees the genuineness of the products and their recognisability but also love for the environment and health.

Order online and receive with free shipping (throughout Europe and the UK) directly to your home, for experiencing the luxury of the most authentic food, also outside of Italy.

Buy your box now, get ready to enjoy the ultimate expression of Made in Italy food and experience a wonderfully exciting adventure every month.

The boxes come in two different sizes (small and big), ranging from 6-8 products for the small to 9-12 products for the big, but there are gadgets and samples inside as well. The assortment depends on the availability of certain products, which is linked to seasonality, and the average cost of each individual product. There is a wide variety of foods: from spreads to cured meats, from cheeses to olive oil, from pasta to desserts, as well as snacks and jams.

There are currently several types of boxes, one of which is gluten-free. You can buy the single box for 59.95 euro or 89.95 euro, otherwise you can subscribe for several months and enjoy discounts because every 30 days the contents change making them surprise boxes. We also have combinable boxes.

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